Charis Gallery

Founded in 2010, *Charis Gallery (KAR-is), is located in the Sanctuary Building and spans the entire hallway. The Welcome Center (off the hallway), accommodates multi-dimensional fine art in three glass cabinets. The Apostles Gallery is located in the opposite hallway. Kenneth Wyatt’s paintings of Jesus and His disciples (and Paul) are on permanent display.  In the Dining Room of the Chapel Building you will find a growing collection of permanent artContact Worship Arts Coordinator Ann Moore, 770.261.1719,

*Charis is a given name derived from a Greek word meaning “grace, kindness, and life.”


"Winter Wonderland"

January Art
Now through January 21, 2018
"Georgia Snow," by Susan Calderon

"Flights of Fancy - Life on Mission"

Bird House
February 18 - April 15, 2018

22 artists ~ 50 paintings
We are excited to invite you to participate in Flights of Fancy – Life on Mission, Charis Gallery’s fourth annual collaborative art project and silent auction that will benefit RUMC local missions.  We will have available, free of charge, birdhouses of various sizes and styles for your artistic embellishments!
Important Dates and Details

Beginning Now:  Contact Ann Moore, Worship Arts Coordinator,  770.261.1719, or, to reserve your birdhouse.
Nov. 20:  Beginning Tuesday, Nov. 20, pick up your birdhouse from Ann Moore in the Worship Arts Office of RUMC.
Nov. 20 – Feb. 14:  Embellish your birdhouse, the sky’s the limit!
Feb.  14 – 15 :  Return your birdhouse to the Worship Arts Office of RUMC no later than noon on Thurs. Feb. 15th.
Sun. Feb. 18, 9:00 am:  Silent auction is now open for bidding! All birdhouses start at $50.
Sun. Mar. 4, 12:30 pm:   Silent auction ends.  Bid sheets pulled. Winners are notified.
Sun. Apr. 15:   “Flights of Fancy” Exhibit officially ends.  Bids are finalized and birdhouses are released to buyers.

Please Note: All pieces must remain on the walls until the exhibit ends on April 15, 2018.