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Below you will find a resource list of past topics and speakers:

2017 (To Date):





  • Hal Coleman – Thinking Differently –
  • Clark Howard – Local communities pulling together to help Georgia’s economy –
  • Jim Stroud – Social media for your job search
  • Bob Littell – Netweaving –
  • Mark Butler – Georgia Department of Labor commissioner –
  • Ruthie Powell – The Ruthie-ized Resume –
  • Tim Morrison – Successful 30 Second Introductions
  • Jay Litton – WoW! Interview –
  • Melissa Galt – Your Competitive Advantage –
  • Eric Handler – The Five LinkedIn To Do’s
  • Chuck Russell – Right Person – Right Job
  • Gary Shaar – Job Search Strategies
  • Basil Ford – Networking…But How?
  • Mark Edington – Job Search Boot Camp, a Marine’s Point of View
  • Keith Warrick and Brandy Nagel – The In’s and Out’s of LinkedIn
  • Ricky Steele – Bestselling author and Networking Expert –
  • Emma Loggins, Using Twitter to find Your Next Job –


  • Jane Gentry,
  • Keith Warrick and Brandy Nagel – The Ins and Outs of LinkedIn.
  • Tino Mantella, CEO of Tech Assoc of GA “Connecting Thru Associations”
  • Jim Villwock
  • Roger Blackstock – What are You Thinking?
  • Daniel Guelzo – Social Media and your Job Search.
  • Molly Wendell – The NEW Job Search
  • Peter Bourke – “10 Years of Lessons Learned in 50 Minutes.”


  • Jim Browning – Making LinkedIn Work for You!
  • Art Eyzaguirre – Breakthrough Your Job Search
  • Mike Wien – Standing Out by Finding Your Specific Edge.
  • Bruce Dreyfus – “Get That Job.”
  • Jim Stroud – How to Find the Hidden Jobs
  • Julius Pryor III – Extending Ourselves to Complete Our Mission.
  • Hal Coleman
  • Jim Cichanski, FlexHR – Bypassing HR in your job search.
  • Roger Blackstock – “What are You and the Interviewer Thinking?”
  • Chuck Russell – “Bringing Out Your Best”
  • Dan Guelzo – “Leveraging Social Networking and Web 2.0”
  • Dan Jourdan – “The Energized Job Search”
  • Ricky Steele, Author of “The Heart of Networking”
  • Richard Kirby, Author of “Fast Track Your Job Search”
  • Tom Darrow, CEO of Career Spa, “Rejuvenating Your Career!”
  • Al Simon, “A Successful Start to 2011”


  • Mike Esposito, Director of Employee Relations at Home Depot
  • Chuck Russell – Author and Work Assessment Expert
  • Debbie Rodkin – “Boot Camp for Job Seekers — Refine Your Approach”
  • Art Eyzaguirre – “Put Your Job Search Into High Gear”
  • Hal Coleman – “How To Think Differently About Your Job Search”
  • Bill Hickman – “Talk Your Way into the Interview”
  • Julius Pryor – “Extend Yourself to Complete Your Mission ”
  • Roger Blackstock – The Intentional Job Search”
  • Dan Jourdan – Selling Yourself to Hiring Managers.” Dynamic Program!”-
  • Dan Guelzo – “Leveraging Advanced Google and LinkedIn Searches”
  • Ricky Steele, Author of “The Heart of Networking”
  • Richard Kirby, Author of “Fast Track Your Job Search”
  • Jim Cichanski, Founder of FlexHr – “How to Bypass HR”
  • Rick Page – “Hope is Not a Strategy”
  • Bob Littell – “The Art of NetWeaving”
  • Lori Davila – “Top Seven Ways to Achieve Career Success in 2010.”


  • Bruce Dreyfus – “Job Seekers to Snag Great Job Interviews!”
  • Chuck Russell –  “It’s Who You Are…Not What You Did.”
  • Susan Knox, “Networking That Works!”
  • Ruthie Powell, Atlanta ‘s Favorite Recruiter for Job Seekers.
  • Art Eyzaguirre -“Breakthrough your Job Search with Art!”
  • Roger Blackstock – Propel Your Job Search into High Gear With Roger”
  • Peter Bourke, Author of ” A Better Way to Make a Living…and a Life”
  • Jim Villwock, Author of Whacked Again! “Learn How to Compete for Jobs”
  • Richard and Robin Kirby – “Fast Track Your Search”
  • Debbie Rodkin – “Networking Boot Camp” –
  • Michael Thurmond, Georgia Department of Labor Commissioner
  • Jim Browning – “How to Leverage LinkedIn for Your Job Search!”
  • Recruiter Panel – Gary Shaar, Dutch Earle, Barbara Marks and Nancy Schrempp
  • Rick Lackey – Proven methods for accelerating your relationships
  • Ricky Steele,  Author of “The Heart of Networking”
  • Daniel Guelzo, Director of Talent Strategy at Technisource


  • Gary O’Malley – “Are You Missing Something? Find Your Career Essentials”
  • Tim Morrison – “Create an “Elevator Pitch” that works”
  • Bob Littell, Author of “The Heart and Art of  NetWeaving.”
  • Tom Darrow and Talent Connections Team –
  • Al Simon, CEO of Simon Says Sell. “Selling Yourself“
  • Executive Panel – Dutch Earle, Chris Gilliam and Barbara Marks
  • Art Eyzaguirre – “How to Get Your Phone Calls Returned”
  • Bruce Dreyfus, Author of Get That Next Job – “Marketing You”
  • Jim Cichanski, of FlexHR – “How to Bypass HR”
  • Roger Blackstock – “Leveraging Who You Are”
  • Debbie Rodkin – “Networking for those that don’t like to Network”
  • Michael Scher – “How to Get Hiring Mangers to Return Your Call”


  • Bill Hickman, President of Gyst Group
  • Michael Levine,  “How to Build Your Network”
  • Gayle Oliver, President of
  • Richard and Robin Kirby –
  • Jim Browning – Learn the secrets for using LinkedIn for your career search.
  • Peter Bourke – “Finding the Right Job”
  • Randy Walton, Partner, Ron Young International. “Strategies to Win”
  • Art Eyzaguirre – “Getting Calls Returned with the Right Message”
  • Waldo Waldman, www.yourwingman. F-16 fighter pilot, Waldo, shows how to find your wingman for your job search.
  • John Schreitmueller,  esolute Consulting – “Your Authentic Message“
  • Jay Litton – WoW! Interviewing.
  • Brian Hilliard – Author of How to Network Like a Pro!
  • Bruce Dreyfus, Partner of Dialogue Consulting Group.


  • Gary Shaar, Director of Talent Connections –
  • Jane Gentry,
  • Jim Cichanski, President of FlexHR. Learn How to Bypass HR!
  • Larry Benet, Learn magic questions to open doors to make connections with anyone.
  • Roger Blackstock, President of
  • Tom Darrow, President, Talent Connections/President of SHRM Atlanta.