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Join our RUMC Yahoo E-mail group for daily information:
– Get job leads from employers, recruiters, our volunteers, and other job seekers
– Read about job search tips
– Ask questions
– Learn about upcoming events
More than 6,500 professionals are active subscribers.
Request a subscription to this free service by going to:

Employers and recruiters are encouraged to post their openings.



Are you interested in joining our LinkedIn Group to connect with others in similar industries? Go to and search for the group RUMC Job Networking.  We look forward to seeing you in person at one of our meetings, but your online presence is also requested. This gives you the ability to see the profiles and network with more than 2,900 business professionals who are already in our LinkedIn Group!


Industry Guides logo for RUMC Jobnetworking (1)More than 140+ RUMC volunteers are Industry Guide volunteers. Why so many? Our unique Industry Guide Program allows you to network with one of our volunteers between our meetings. By attending our next meeting, you can select an Industry Guide to help you network in their company or industry. Leave each meeting with a quality follow-up contact. RUMC is ready to help you network to get the information you need.