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Children’s Ministry at RUMC: Discover. Develop. Delight.

Then my soul will rejoice in the Lord and delight in his salvation. Psalm 35:9

In everything we do in children’s ministry here at Roswell UMC, from Sunday morning programs to Wednesday evenings to special events throughout the year, we strive for all children to Discover God, Develop their Faith, and Delight in their Salvation.

We Discover God as we discover stories of the faith. Whether we are reading the bible, learning about the life of a Christian leader from the past, or hearing stories from those in our own church community, stories of the faith help us to identify how God has been at work and in relationship with God’s people. We can then begin to tell our own stories of faith, discovering God’s presence in our own lives each and every day.

Developing our Faith is a life-long endeavor, as we are transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit through prayer, study, and service. In children’s ministry, we offer opportunities for faith development in all our programs, encouraging children to pray, engaging them in deeper study of the bible, and inviting them to serve neighbors and strangers.

Finally, we celebrate who God is and who we are as God’s children as we Delight in our Salvation. The love, grace, and mercy that God gives freely to all of us is something to be celebrated, so we invite children to engage in all expressions of praise and worship – singing, dancing, playing, and more.


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