With weekly gatherings on Sunday mornings, adult Sunday School classes offer a place of fellowship, study, and growth as you continue your faith journey.  Feel free to visit a few classes until you find the place that feels like home. There is no need to call ahead or sign up, just drop in.

Please check individual classes for cancellations

9:30 a.m. Sunday Classes

Young Couples Class

Marriage built on a Christian foundation is a true art form. This newest addition to our Sunday morning classes offers young couples the opportunity to explore how to build strong relationships and families. Using The Art of Marriage from Family Life, this study weaves together expert teaching, real-life stories, humorous vignettes, and more to portray
both the challenges and the beauty of God’s design.

Room 161C, Sanctuary building

Rejoice! (All Ages)

This small class is distinguished by its diversity, curriculum and focus on interaction.  Multigenerational with both singles and couples, the class strives for spiritual enrichment and growth through traditional Bible study, blended with multimedia presentations by contemporary authors and historical perspectives of the church. Discussion and interaction is a top priority in each session. This class is very supportive of missions, fellowship and RUMC activities.

Room 179, Sanctuary building

BYKOTA (50s-60s)

Bykota – Be Ye Kind One to Another.”  This small class experiences life changes as a group. Facing the same issues as other Christians, class members encounter them together, loving and supporting one another in times of need. The Bible and other topics are studied as they continue their Christian walk. They are currently using the Covenant Bible study as well as looking at the history of the Bible. This class is active in local and foreign missions. Some of Bykota’s social activities include dinners, concerts, and theater outings.

Room 358, Chapel building

Crosstalk (50s-70s)

No topic of discussion is too big nor too small for the members of this class, and the variety of topics covers everything from the Bible to aging to current issues – taught by our classmates, our ministers, and subject matter experts and enthusiast. All are discussed with a Christian heart and everyone’s opinion is respected and appreciated. The class is made up of people who like to share their views as well as those who would just rather listen. The classmates are also a loving, praying group who genuinely care for one another and laugh and cry together. Monthly socials and community service activities are additional, wonderful opportunities to build relationships and form friendships with the other classmates. The door is open and the circle will be joyfully expanded it include all what are looking for a loving, praying fellowship with people who truly care about each other.

Room 246-248, Chapel Building

CUC (60s-80s)

“Christians Under Construction.” This large, active class of singles and couples has a strong commitment to service both within and beyond RUMC. Lessons are taught each Sunday by invited speakers and class members. Together they enjoy small group dinners, retreats, and other gatherings. Their primary outreach organizations include Homestretch transitional housing, Foster Care Support Foundation, Murphy-Harpst Children’s Center and MUST Ministries’ Summer Lunch program.

Dining Room, Chapel building

 Friendship (60+)

This class focuses on Christian fellowship and the mutual support of its members. They explore the Scriptures in detail to learn the relevance of the Bible in their lives, host monthly social activities, and participate in various outreach programs. Bring your Bible and expect to use it!

Room 257, Sanctuary building

Seekers (65+)

Canceled until after Easter

This class has both singles and couples with a deep interest in exploring Scripture, both Old and New Testaments, and its application in their lives today. Lessons are taught by invited speakers and class members. It also has a strong emphasis on being a caring community to its members. The class enjoys three social gatherings per year. Their out-reach emphasis is on the North Fulton Community Charities, Murphy Harpst and various other ministries as the need arises. Many of the members volunteer in different areas of the church.

Room 250-52, Sanctuary building

Single Friends of Faith (55+)

This is a class of active single adults who want to enhance their spiritual and personal growth through fellowship, study and missions. The class invites all singles in the community, whether widowed, divorced, or never married to join them.

Room 251, Sanctuary building

Journey (All Ages)

Come develop lasting friendships with this Spirit-led group. Through guest speakers and self-led “kitchen table” style discussions, their goal is to learn how to recognize and apply God’s direction in daily life. This little class with a big heart is active in numerous ministries and missions of the church.

SERVE Conference room, Chapel building

Open View (All Ages)

Do you like discussing what you believe, why you believe it, or are you still wrestling with whether you believe certain things? This class explores all sides of issues facing Christians today using an open mind, diversity of viewpoints, and the Wesleyan Quadrilateral (Scripture, Tradition, Reason, and Experience).

Room 139, Dodson building

 Voice Our Faith (All Ages)

Voice Our Faith is an inclusive fellowship where all are invited to participate in a friendly and lively atmosphere. Guest speakers and volunteers lead our discussions of Christianity and social issues from a Christian perspective. We actively seek to serve others within RUMC and the community and endeavor to voice our faith in our daily lives. Many of us sing in the choir and participate in other musical and theatrical outreach groups. Each Sunday begins with food and fellowship and includes a time for cares, concerns and celebrations. We enjoy local outings, dinners and social gatherings. “Food and fellowship” begins at 9:15 to accommodate the choir schedule.

Room 177, Sanctuary building

Noah’s Ark (All Ages)

Canceled until further notice

RUMC’s love and concern for developmentally challenged adults led to the establishment of this class which has grown from three members to more than 35.  Members are encouraged to grow spiritually and develop lasting friendship. Members also participate in worship as acolytes, greeters, and ushers.

Room 258, Sanctuary building

11:00 a.m. Sunday Classes


Cornerstone is a group of parents with children from elementary school through college. We study the Biblical perspective on various topics. We want a sense of community and friendship and to be there for each other, as this is needed in a bigger church. We enjoy socials outside of church and welcome you to try us out!

Room 239, Chapel building

Friends in Faith (45+)

Together this group of friends grows spiritually through study, service and socializing. Members of the class lead various studies that the group selects.  They like focusing on the daily application of God’s word. There is never much shortage of discussion and never any shortage of support for each other.

Room 251, Sanctuary building

Discovery (40s-50s)

This friendly group includes both married and single adults, with or without children. The class goal is to support individuals and to grow spiritually through Bible-based lessons.

Room 250-252, Sanctuary building

Alternating Sunday Classes

These classes alternate meeting times: 9:30 a.m. during even months, and 11 a.m. during odd months.

Bereans (50+)

This active class focuses on topical programs with a biblical basis. Class members experience spiritual growth, spread God’s word and deeds in the community and around the world, and support each other in times of need. Social activities include small group and large group events. Members serve in various local and global missions. Although it is generally composed of ages 50’s through 70s, the class welcomes adults of and age and stage of life.

Large Room, Scout Hut

 Women of Faith (All Ages)

Together this class serves and supports women of all age groups and from all walks of life in their journey for spiritual growth through interactive discussions, Bible study, and prayer. Their mission outreach extends to the Atlanta Women’s Day Shelter, Heart of Africa, and other missions.

Room 131, Chapel building

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